Chiswick Park is a great place to work with the right balance of service and environmental responsibility.

- Guest, Tullow Oil


At Enjoy-Work, we think of CSR/sustainability as Enjoying Tomorrow because it neatly sums up our approach to caring for the environment and making a positive difference to our communities. Whatever we do today has an impact on tomorrow, whether that be eliminating waste to landfill, or offering practical work placements to local students.

Please click here to view our film on Sustainability within the Park 

We believe that businesses should be doing everything they can to make the world a better place. It takes passion and the commitment of a dedicated team to make a real difference. As with all aspects of Enjoy-Work, our CSR passion is very much at the heart of our community, be that our guests' community, or local schools and community organisations.

A few of the initiatives that we currently embrace in the Park include:

  • A work experience programme involving 200+ students per year
  • Our on-site wormery houses 100,000 worms capable of breaking down 50kg of green waste per day
  • Recycling 100% of our green waste
  • Hosting eco visits for local primary school children
  • Sourcing 100% of our energy from suppliers that invest in renewable energy sources
  • Creating a Biodiversity Action Plan - to encourage more variety and native species to the Park.